Thursday, June 21, 2012

A January Journey Through Costa Rica

Life is a journey not a destination! If you are looking for a get away that is affordible forign travel including geography culture and natural wonders, Costa Rica is King. The country's immensely diverse landscapes and microclimates, coupled with its geographic position on a tenuous landbridge between two continents, give Costa Rica arguably the highest biodiversity density anywhere in the world. At 51,000 km² Costa Rica covers only 0.3 % of our planet's landmass, but it contains around 4-5% of all species estimated worldwide. Country roads wind along sea side towns, mountain tops, forests and beaches. Busy bus stations break to still sun sets. The culture there is simple tourist, agricultural and ecologically driven. Small communities of people reside among the natural wonders Costa Rica has to offer.

Move along the isthmus from North to South East to West and you will find National Parks, Natural wonders and Nature along with people celebration thier culture. Vist Nicoya Peninsula The Northern most peninsula on the Pacific side of Cista Rica. This is filled with costal and inland communities. Some of the nicest white sand beaches are here. Many people vacation in this region. The people of Costa Rica refer to themselves as Tico, and they are very hospitable to tourism one of there larges imports. People come to Costa Rica to live in a beautiful place where life and nature co-exist in many ways. There are always problems but these seem less obvious while touring a country filled with new experiances on vacation!
Costa Ricans like to have a good time they are very forwad and friendly if you ask they will tell you where to go to have fun and enjoy yourself. If you want sun it is there if you want sand it is there, mountains, colcanos, recreation, resort, forests, festival. Everything in Costa Rica in January at the hieght of tourist season is available. There are three other regions that are very popular and extreamly different
Monte Verde: The mountain town where you can enjoy the National Park
Puorto Viejo: Caribian sea side town near the Panama Border, a tourist freindly town with great food and party!
Corcovado National Park on the Osa Peninsula: Where towns disappear into wide expanse of nature and sea.
Nicoya Peninsula

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