Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dream Land Govoners Island June 16 & 17

Jazz, 1920, Prohibition, music and dance liberation complete with period cars, matching parasols, hats, sun-glass and more atMichale Arenelas Dream Land Orchestra preforming at Jazz Fest on Governors Island June 16-17. A large picnic area, stage and a dance floor teaming with Flappers along side performances and costuming (fashion) shows with really great St. Germain drinks! Although they didn't quite catch some of the more nasty sides of 1920s life including the Great Depression era. It was a hell of a good time for 20th century folks! Most people put energy into re-creating the era with costuming to made to measure, vintage, antique and hand made. This Des mademoiselle, named Heidi wearing all original era clothing including stockings! Her hat originally cost $4.00 in 1940 went for a lot less when she bought it finally along her travels in San Francisco, where vintage is an important fashion commodity. 

 Here are some more picture perfect moments brought to you from Memory Game author Janina Fisher:
The Lawn where guests gather to picnic and mingle!

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