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Constance Bennett Hollywood Leading Lady and Studio Artist

"There's a broad with a big future behind her."

-Constance Bennett

Constance Bennett and had two sisters, the daughters of stage matinee idol Richard Bennett and actress and literary agent Adrienne Morrison, were the fifth generation of actors on their mother's side of the family. The oldest sister was Constance, born in 1904, middle sister Barbara, the least known of the three, born in 1906. The baby of the family Joan was born in 1910.
Later Joan fondly recalled:

"With all of Constance's juggling of dates over the years, I started out as the youngest, then became her twin and finally wound up as the oldest sister.

Constance Bennett c.1930s (age ~26)

Constance Bennett, c. 1933. (age ~29)

Constance Bennett, c. 1965 (age ~61)

Constance Bennett 1904-1965

This beautiful starlet made 66 films. Her most acclaimed dramatic films include Common Clay (1930), The Common Law (1931) and the excellent What Price Hollywood (1932) co-starring talented director and actor Lowell Sherman. A Star is Born was actually based on Constance's film What Price Hollywood. Bennett has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her contribution to motion pictures, at 6250 Hollywood Boulevard, a short distance from the star of her sister, Joan.

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